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Review Of Unknown Origin (1983)

genre: horror

For some this title might not seem like a horror but let me tell you this. If you ever had a rodent in your house then you will be able to relate to our main character Bart played by Peter Weller. Bart is an intelligent and grounded guy. And therefore makes all the things that happen to him pretty creepy and scary. Now I won't lie some scenes do border to the comedic however I have experienced first hand how freaked out someone can be because of the image that is presented. Of Unknown Origin does one thing very well. Playing in to basic fears and building up tension. If you are unprepared for this then some scenes will come at you. Does it then really matter that sometimes the creature does not look realistic? No, because the fear is real. And that is something you should always take seriously and never make a mockery of.  Peter Weller nails it. How he goes from being grounded and laid back to borderline obsessed and insane. He does it in such a natural and believable way that you feel for him from start till finish. Do check this out because this is without a doubt a classic.

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