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Review Deadly Blessing (1981)

 genre:thriller, horror

Reading the synopsis of Deadly Blessing it sounded like a story similar to Wes Craven's classic Nightmare on Elm Street (1984). Naturally I had to see for myself if that was really the case. And maybe from re using one pivotal scene I could not detect more similarities. Since most of what is transpired in Deadly Blessing is too weird and unique. Wes Craven makes good use of red herrings and these misdirections made the film a lot of fun. Each time when you think who the killer is you are steered in another direction. Add that Eighties horror atmosphere (that strange enough only Eighties movies seem to contain) and you have yourself a compelling viewing experience. But Deadly Blessing is a little slow. And not a lot of events occur on the screen. Although off screen you can sense something is brewing. Depending on what version you are watching keep watching till the end since it made Deadly Blessing totally awesome (at least for me). It caught me off guard and that does not happen to me often. It's a little out there but I can promise you it makes everything about Deadly Blessing so much better. I also liked it how our main character Martha Schimdt (portrayed by Maren Jensen who is most famous for her role as Athena in the original Battlestar Galactica) wasn't easily scared and was just as strong as any male character in a similar role. Girl Power long before the term became a cultural phenomenon. Sharon Stone also has a small role and she looks gorgeous but god was she annoying. Another face you might recognize is Douglas Barr who starred in The Fall Guy with Lee Majors. Ernest Borgnine is truly menacing as the Elder Isaiah and gives a lot of quality to Deadly Blessing. 

For me Deadly Blessing was a fun watch because it does a lot of thing rights. It might be a little too slow for some. But for people who are getting tired of current horror films and like me like to travel back into time to discover older horror gems I surely can recommend this one.  

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