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Review The Starving Games (2013): Do I really have to say it? Avoid like the plague people!

genre: parody, comedy

It was inevitable. With the success of The Hunger games you could have expected that someone would try to cash in on it. Now I have challenged myself to watch this atrocity so you don't have to. Find out if this really as bad as expected.

Yep! Even Fruit Ninja is being made fun off. Desperate attempt for coolness!
Well, to be perfectly honest, this one gave me a few chuckles. A few jokes (absolute minimum) were actually quite clever. Sadly though there is a large number of infantile, lazy and easy jokes that is simply annoying and no fun at all. The Expendables parody was one of the highlights and that was only because the impersonators were spot on. In fact they were so good I want them to do a whole The Expendables parody. NOT! 

Honestly, this was actually funny!
No, please don't do it evil parody makers. For god sake leave us alone. Just having good impersonators is not enough. Do something with it that goes beyond the referencing. While this certainly is not among the worst of them it definitely is not one I will recommend. Avoid like the plague! If only to put a stop to this wickedness.

Really? The Avengers. That is the best you can do?

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