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Review Chinese Zodiac a.k.a. Shi er sheng xiao (2012)

genre:action, adventure, comedy

It had been a while I watched a proper Jackie Chan film so I could not wait to finally watch one of his latest productions. And with this entry being part of the Armour of God franchise I was expecting old school action with an old school Jackie Chan. Sadly we only get to see old school action Jackie in some action sequences. Especially the first one. That one is so spectacular that everything after pales in comparison except maybe some stunts in the finale. While I did find Chinese Zodiac to be entertaining I missed so many things that I did not get that feeling I usually get from watching a Jackie Chan movie. The one most important element I was missing was proper martial arts scenes featuring him. Although we do get to see newcomer Zhang Lanxin into action which was very nice. So nice even that I am hoping to see more of her in upcoming movies. While I do like stuntman Jackie Chan I like martial artist Jackie Chan a whole lot better but maybe we should get used to this. After all Jackie Chan is getting old. Another Jackie Chan I missed was comedian Jackie Chan. Sure one should have his own political beliefs and all but does that mean you can't be funny any more. Serious Jackie Chan is such a downer. Still with all the flaws and elements that were lacking Jackie Chan still shows he can do stuff at his age other people only can dream off. Chinese Zodiac is disappointing for old school fans but has enough to not write Jackie Chan off completely. Let us see what he will bring in Police Story 2013.

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