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Review Hotel Transylvania (2013) by Mrs. P. : The kids and parents will enjoy this!

genre: animation

Hotel Transylvania is a cute little movie that will entertain the kids and their parents won´t find it absolutely boring. I must admit that judging by the cast, I was expecting a lot more from it but the movie managed to get a couple of laughs out of me. It is full of nice quick gags that although being a little obvious the actors made them funny, and as well as their characters, very likeable. I do have a little problem with people calling Frankenstein´s monster Frankenstein, since Frankenstein was the doctor who made the monster, oh well...

I found Hotel Transylvania to be a fast going movie but also typical. It´s the predictable story of a daughter clashing with her father, who in the end realizes he must let go. Not very original, but at least the dialogue is.

The movie looks really good, nice animation, nice color, there is a 3D version, which I didn´t watch and it has a nice pace. The actors are having fun playing their parts. Buscemi and James have the best lines and Fran Drescher does a fine job portraying Frankenstein´s monster´s wife as a loud, over the top New Jersey housewife.

What matters in the end, is that the kids enjoy it, since it is intended for them but yes, it is nice as a parent to also be able to have fun taking our kids to the movies. I had a good time watching this (although, I must admit I was in very good company* while doing so). There´s a lesson here for over-protective parents and the little ones will be happy. Hopefully it will make some kids interested in the original stories of these characters.

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