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Review The Heat (2013)

genre: comedy, crime

Personally I was really looking forward to this because I like Sandra Bullock in comedies or action oriented roles. For the more serious ones I don't think she fares well. Melissa McCarthy I know from the tv show Mike and Molly and actually don't think she is really funny. Which is no different in The Heat. Most of her comedy is based on acts in stead of how she delivers the portrayal. This becomes clear in her interaction with Sandra Bullock. There is no real chemistry or awkwardness to speak off. It becomes more evident when you see the duo on their own. Sandra then is like we know her from comedies like in Miss Congeniality. Melissa completely fades away. It begs the question why are these actresses teamed up? The first half of The Heat was terrible. Sorry no point in beating around the bush. As a start of a buddy comedy it is not even delivering half of what let's say Cop Out (2010) put on the table. Just to give you an idea. Only short flashes of goodness like Tom Wilson. Ok, I have to rant here a little. You have this comedic genius at your disposal. And you don't use him. That is just sheer stupidity. The few lines he had were funnier than the whole damn movie. If that is not proof of why he should have been given a more prominent role than I truly don't know what more convincing some studio executive need. Back to the movie. The second half is a lot better and actually entertaining. But more so because of Sandra Bullock being able to do her thing on her own. Suddenly the pair bonded and they are partners. No real good reason given other than that Sandra Bullock's character comes to the realisation it is the best partner (or only friend) she has. After having seen so many buddy cop movies I need much more convincing for these things to be skipped on. So what do I think? I guess there is a charm to it but honestly I am not understanding the praise and the high ratings The Heat is getting. It is barely decent. 

Mrs. P. has a slightly different opinion which I think I should 
share.  So here are her thoughts:

It´s a feminist story, too long, not very good and with a lot of very used jokes, lots of profanity, which I usually enjoy but here I found unnecessary and annoying.  If you´re expecting to see Wayans or Bichir, they are barely on screen. 

The chemistry between Melissa McCarthy and S. Bullock is great  though. Lots of aggression towards each other, which is very amusing. I like Sandra very much but I especially love Melissa´s freshness, I haven´t seen her do something I haven´t liked.

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