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Review Intouchables (2011): A wonderful feel good movie!

genre: comedy, drama, feel good

Intouchables is a wonderful feel good movie that is endearing and full of comedy. The criticism that it is racist is unfounded since the film isn’t about prejudice or discrimination. Yes, you have a black actor (from a poor neighbourhood with street smarts) opposite a white actor who is a millionaire and so called sophisticated. Yes, you don’t have to look hard to some events in the film that can be considered cliché. If one tries hard enough there will always be elements in a film that could be considered discriminatory or racist. Funny that the critics focus on the racism and not mention sexism. Driss is continually hitting on Audrey Fleurot. But seriously if that is all someone takes from this film has missed out one very important theme which is friendship. Two characters from different worlds become friends. Not because of political correctness. On the contrary. Driss (Omar Sy) treated the quadriplegic Philippe (François Cluzet) as he would any person. Philippe was sick of being treated as a delicate or special person. So naturally he gave the function to Driss. Colour had nothing to do with it. I also understand why the director chose Omar Sy as the lead. His personality is very magnetic. He is the one that provide the most laughs. Sure some jokes are old but who cares, the way they are brought it does seem fresh. The interactions between Philippe and Driss are the most fun of which one gets a good example in the opening scene. It's hilarious. There are some issues addressed that could have derail the film and loose focus. Luckily the director only uses them to illustrate the backgrounds. So don't get fooled by all this negative press it is receiving. Very fun film that I surely can recommend. 

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