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Review Alex Cross (2012)

genre: thriller, crime, action

Tyler Perry known best for a character called Madea which he performs in drag. He made quite a few films starring this character and are not received that positively. I myself have not seen any of them so I wasn't handicapped when watching him taking on the character made famous by Morgan Freeman. Naturally these are hard shoes to fill perhaps even impossible. Which is circumvented by rebooting the story lines and start with a younger Alex Cross. To a degree this works. But is undermined by some events that lets the character do things that are a little hard to swallow. Not having read the books I can't say if his character was written like that. In the film however with the little info we are given about him it is unacceptable. This is hardly Tyler's fault. He in fact was not bad at all. Especially in the dramatic scenes he showed he was more than capable. In the policing scenes he was adequate enough but the script never really allows him to show why Alex Cross is brilliant. Matthew Fox you will hardly recognize as the villain Picasso. He lost some serious weight and was almost terrifying. But also he could not hide the fact that the script was a mess. Honestly, if the motivation was to bring the character from Kiss the Girls back on the map then it has failed miserably. Alex Cross is more an action movie than a thriller. And somehow that feels wrong. To be fair though Alex Cross is entertaining enough and nearly not as bad reviewers make it out to be. One to watch on a rainy Sunday. 

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