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Review The Factory (2011): One to watch when nothing else is on!

genre: thriller

The Factory is one of those serial killer thrillers where most of the fun is taken out by lack of real suspense and where the tension exists out of how psycho our killer is. Right from the start we know who he is and what he is capable of. He is as evil as they come. Of course there is a little more to him and to the events that occurred. But honestly that happens far too late in the film and only the patient ones will be rewarded slightly. Since it becomes quite the task to maintain interest in the plot since it is cliché after cliché. The final act will surprise many but still will leave the viewer unsatisfied since it is rushed and it is one of those that is just ridiculous for the sake of it. Now normally I would welcome it if there had been a build up to it. This is my biggest problem with The Factory. It could have been far more thrilling especially if they had turned it into a whodunnit with a couple of suspects and red herrings thrown in the mix. The ingredients were there. That in combination with the fine acting provided by John Cusack and Dallas Roberts and it would have been a brilliant example of a post modern American Giallo/slasher film. Sadly most of the plot is too average and predictable making it a dull affair. Which is a shame really. Overall there just isn't enough to make it worth the viewers time. One to watch when nothing else is on.

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