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Review Stolen (2012): Best enjoyed if you are aware that it is ordinary

genre: action, thriller

Take a close look at the poster. This is the most exciting it gets. It's not Ransom meets Gone in 60 seconds. Or Con Air 2. What is it then? It's one of those Nic Cage's vehicles where you are wondering how an actor as brilliant as he can be still wants to star in these low grade B action thrillers that have no passion in them at all. How to recommend a film that at best is very average. Simple, you don't. As much as I wanted to like Stolen there is nothing that pops out that makes you think now that is interesting. However there is nothing that stands out that is so bad that would not make it worth your time. The most useful comment I can give is that Stolen is best enjoyed if you are aware that it is ordinary.

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