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Review The Expendables 2 (2012): A must watch for action fans!

genre: action, action and more action

Astonishing to read some of the reviews on this film. All this talk about acting, plot and all that. People, try to understand this is and always has been about the action. Everything else should be seen as a bonus. Just like in the first there is enough plot to string the action scenes together. In the non action scenes there is comic relief and a little introspective on some of the characters to let the audience know these super action heroes are simply human beings made of flesh and blood. It may not be much, but enough to make you root for them. The action is top notch and extremely enjoyable. Combined with the references to the movies of the glorified cameos it's one big feast filled with mouthwatering dishes of fun and nostalgia. The whole concept of these old action stars doing their thing is either something you get or not. It also helps not to take it seriously. None of the actors do. Even newcomer Nan Yu as Maggie Chan has no problem adjusting to the light-hearted nature of The Expendables 2. Stallone could make a whole series of these and I would not get tired of it. Since he does know how to make good action movies. And with so many forgotten action stars he will have plenty to choose from. A must watch for action fans and the ones who liked the first Expendables. 

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