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Review Abduction (2011): Solid as an action flick but ineffective as a thriller!

genre: action, thriller

One of the silliest phenomena's is the franchise called Twilight. It's one of those that people (read horny females of all ages) go ballistic over. Yeah, you know who you are, undressing poor old Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner and doing unimaginable things with them in your fantasies. And I don't get it. The first Twilight was ok. But to say that it was as huge as it is made out to be. Not really. Don't even get me started about the following films. Ever have sleeping problems then watch any sequel in the Twilight series. Guaranteed that you will sleep like a baby during the movie. Most acting in Twilight consisted of actors standing still exchanging looks like they do in soap opera's. Hardly challenging roles. So what if you take one of the actors from Twilight who apparently is a skilled martial artist and let him star in his own action film. Do we even want to see Taylor Lautner kicking butt and what not? My answer yes. Yes, we do. Say what now? Ok. Let me be clear. Taylor is a terrible actor. He has a lot to learn obviously but for a film like these he knew how to stay cool and when to show emotion. And it didn't hurt to have a pretty side kick called Lily Collins who could distract us from his bad acting. But where he truly excelled at was the action scenes. You could tell that in most scenes he did his own stunts. It looked promising and I totally can seem him in some hard kicking martial arts flick. Naturally John Singleton's tight direction helped made the action scenes look slick and exciting. These are definitely the high points in the film. Which becomes clear when there is hardly any action. Then it becomes a little chore to get through. One other flaw is that Abduction tries to hard to sell the intrigue part. And it would have been effective had the intrigue had something original to offer. Still Abduction is an exciting action movie that in my opinion is a little harshly treated by fans and critics. Give it a chance, you won't regret it.

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