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Review The Cold Light of Day (2012)

genre: action, thriller

It's very easy to be critical of this film and to be negative. Which for once I am going to avoid. Thing is The Cold Light of Day is actually a decent movie for what it is offering. It's very light on drama and intrigue and seems to be more focused on action. And there is plenty of that. It's not the stylish variety where scenes are beautifully choreographed or the stunts are impressive. The action is more amateurish and recognizable since the main character like most people isn't trained in hand to hand combat or is proficient in using guns. Basically Henry Cavill represents everyman.You want him to get out of his predicament. And that is what the whole plot is about. All the who, what, where, why questions are not that important since it is all been made subjective to the action. I must admit that the trailer is giving the impression that it is more than just an action movie. And with big names like Bruce Willis and Sigourney Weaver you would expect it to be this high octane spy thriller full of twists and turns. Unfortunately like many trailers it has been completely  misleading. Bruce Willis isn't the main star or even a huge supporting character. His role was more like a glorified cameo undoubtedly to pull in an audience.S igourney Weaver seems to be having fun but never was really convincing. Clearly she is hamming it up. To my knowledge that rarely happens. So for that alone it might be worth watching this title. Overall The Cold Light of Day is an average direct to video production disguised as a Hollywood A title which can be enjoyable if you treat it for what it actually is.

Small note:
If this was supposed to be a showcase for Henry Cavill as an action star then I am not convinced.In Immortals he only barely makes an impression and here in this film it was even less so.So I do hope that he will step up his game since expectations are high concerning his role in and as The Man of Steel.

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