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Review Snow White and the Huntsman (2012)

genre: fantasy, action, adventure

It is not avoidable to mention Mirror Mirror from Tarsem Singh since Snow White and The Huntsman and Mirror Mirror were put against each other. There is a chance that if you were to see these two back to back that you it might cross your mind that somehow they switched up directors. Since Snow White and the Huntsman is more like the movie Tarsem Singh would have made especially compared to his earlier films The Cell and The Fall. It should come as no surprise that I think Mirror Mirror is the lesser of the two. Why that is? Read my review of Mirror Mirror. Does that make the Huntsman version a good movie? In some ways it certainly is but there are some crucial elements where it fails miserably that damage the film beyond repair. One of those elements is Kristen Stewart as Snow White. Are you kidding me? Let's forget about her acting talents for a minute. Is she supposed to be fairer than Charlize Theron? Even wrinkled and older Charlize is more beautiful than Kristen Stewart on her best. I am sorry but that is one of the biggest mistakes in miscasting I have ever seen in my life. Do I really need to discuss her acting abilities? She can't act. The other actors act like crazy to compensate for her lack off. Chris Hemsworth and Charlize Theron are the ones that carry the movie. Hemsworth surprised me and shows there is more to him when given the chance. Well, I knew Charlize Theron would be perfect as the Evil Queen. She really is a good actress. And it is only right that a lot of the scenes are focused on her and her wickedness. The action scenes are ranging from decent to good.  And some visuals certainly looked beautiful. Only it was lacking that something that could have made me appreciate them more. In one scene Snow White is supposed to represent life. If Bob Hoskins as a dwarf didn't tell the viewer I would never have guessed it since you know Kristen Stewart is completely lifeless. Here is an example where excess in special effects and scenery could have illustrated this important part of the story. (Slight spoiler) Then another pivotal and famous scene where Snow White is awakened never gets explained. Sure we all know the story but they changed so many details why not fill the viewer in why it strayed away from the original one. As a surprise it fails since I expected it to happen since they given the Huntsman so much importance. (End slight spoiler) This could be said about a lot of interesting elements in the film. Certain events just happen but barely are given a back story. Only briefly we are informed of why The Evil Queen has become so evil. Also not a word about her deep connection with her brother. He apparently also is protected from certain dangers. It's these details that give depth to characters. Which is much needed when the story is kept simple. Another huge crucial flaw is the lack of build up and tension. It is important to let the viewer know that the situation is dire and hopeless and that the battles are truly a matter of life and death. Not once does this happen. And the overall end result is that the film feels slow. However there are some small redeeming factors. No pun intended. Brilliant British actors like Ian Mcshane,  Ray Winstone and Bob Hoskins as dwarves. That surely is something you simply have to see. Overall this movie is worth watching once. But I can't guarantee you won't be disappointed.


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