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Review Fermat's Room a.k.a. La habitacion de Fermat (2007): Brilliant thriller!

genre: thriller

Fermat's room is a brilliant thriller. There I said it. 

No, it is not because mathematics are involved. That is just a gimmick. The reason I say it is brilliant is because it achieves to build suspense and thrills effectively with very minimal means. From the start, you will be asking yourself what the purpose is of the four mathematicians meeting each other. Of course, there are some elements to the plot that require the viewer to suspend disbelief. But to be fair, on the whole it seemed very plausible. The acting is top-notch. We get to see what the main characters are about through the ways they solve the puzzles and how they interact with each other. There will be moments that you will like them and dislike them on other moments. I liked the fact that they kept their cool and tried to find a way out of their predicament instead of blaming each other and going ballistic. 

Fermat's Room delivers what I seek in a thriller. So definitely one I can recommend. A must-watch even! 


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