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Review The Dictator (2012): Better than Brüno but far off from Borat and Ali G!

genre: comedy

Sasha Baron Cohen is a master in playing these wacky characters that usually are far from subtle. His dictator at first doesn't seem to be that different. 

Soon, though, it becomes apparent that Admiral General Aladeen for the most part is a softie. Now, this is largely because of the lack of plot. Not that I was expecting much, but even in Ali G it was going somewhere. If there is not some story to tie events or scenes together, then at least make those scenes as interesting or funny as possible. Otherwise, what would be the point. And apart from some hilarious sequences, most jokes are on the tame side and not very clever. Here Sasha had the opportunity to dazzle us with some criticism towards all the existing regimes in the world, putting them against each other. Or simply making fun of the dictators he is supposed to be parodying. (What we see in the trailer is pretty much the extent of how outrageous it will be). All we get is a little unimaginative speech listing the rather obvious points that require no thought at all. Although he does subtly make it clear that he changed his regime into a democracy because of his new wife and still is very much the Dictator from the beginning of the film only somewhat cleverer or wiser. 

Overall not a bad watch but not entirely exciting either. I personally think this was better than Bruno but far off from Borat and Ali G Indahouse (which remains to be my personal favourite).

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