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Review White of the Eye (1987)

genre: thriller

White of the Eyes starts out as a very stylish and an interesting murder mystery. The opening scene alone promises to be very giallo like where we get to witness a brutal killing by some maniac. This maniac seems to be acting on a pattern and is likely to be a serial killer. Throughout the movie we are given a few red herrings but also are pointed towards the obvious suspect. But then at one point it let's the thriller/mystery for what it is and goes into the realm of the bizarre and sort of becomes a character study (although just barely). Now I am not sure if that was intended or that this movie was plagued by misfortune or simply bad writing. Because the minute it does become crazy I wasn't sure what to think. On the hand we see some brilliant acting especially by David Keith and Cathy Moriarty. But even then the viewer doesn't really to get to know them real well. Some actions of theirs go beyond logic. All sorts of questions are raised and none of them answered. The ending is cliché and goes against the style that was dominantly used and the own raised psychological questions in the film. To top it off Cathy shakes the whole nightmare off like it was no big deal. Making a strange film more strange. I do have to admit that White of the Eye is intriguing from start to finish. And that it definitely deserves to be watched. Only don't expect to fully understand it after having viewed it.  

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