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Review All-American Murder (1991): Pretty good Americanesque giallo!

genre: thriller, giallo

All-American Murder is a giallo, pure and simple. (At least that is how you should approach it.) And when you realize that, then convention goes out of the door.Then suddenly certain elements and over the top characters serve a purpose. I loved it how the red herrings were used. Basically any character you meet in the movie is a suspect and the viewer is kept in the dark until the end. People who paid attention or the more advanced viewer of this genre might be able to figure out who it is much earlier on although the director makes sure to misdirect you all the way through. Some of the killings are pretty graphic and brutal. And there is a healthy build up of tension and suspense. Only one thing that might be a little off putting is the comedic or lighter approach. Like the interactions between Christopher Walken and Charlie Slatter. Their dialogue is a little strange at first. Although soon it is one of the things to look forward to. Also compared to the Italian giallo's All-American Murder lacked stylish cinematography. But as far as I could tell everything else was in tip top order. If you crave to see everything giallo this is one to check out for sure. 

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