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Review A Thousand Words (2012): Not a total time waster but it's far from the old Eddie Murphy we expect and love!

genre: comedy, drama

Is A Thousand Words (2012) worth your time? Well, that depends on what you are watching it for. 

As a comedy it fails. Not close to the Eddie Murphy that once was. In fact I think this is his worst one yet. He and Cliff Curtis do provide us with a few laughs. Too bad though that Cliff isn't around too much. As a drama it also fails since only in a few scenes do you feel for Eddie Murphy's character. Very late nearly at the end do we get to see what could have been. The scene with Eddy Murphy's character and his mother is a powerful one in itself. If it had been a result of an emotional journey where we were shown that our main character was struggling with this then it would have made more sense. A shame that this scene doesn't refer back to any of the events previously seen in the movie. And that is why this sudden burst of melodrama feels out of place. Comedy and drama are not in synch with each other. Sometimes it's not clear when a sequence is meant to be dramatic or comedic. Which takes away the momentum and that is never good. Is this a bad movie then? No, strangely enough it still offers some entertainment. Mainly in the interactions that involve Cliff Curtis and Ruby Dee. Both manage to bring out the best of Eddie. 

But is it enough? I think that if you happen to catch it on TV someday then it would not be a total time waster. Is it worth spending money on? No!


sanchez said...

I have read a few reviews on A Thousand Words and I actually heard from a few of my co-workers at Dish it was good. I love Eddie Murphy and I did go ahead and order it on Blockbuster @Home the other day and I even got it in Blu-ray at no added cost. I should be getting the movie by this weekend so I can't wait.

chrichtonsworld.com said...

When it comes to Eddie Murphy I do like most of his movies since he always finds ways to redeem himself.This is the first time that I felt that he let me down.Now like I said in my review doesn't mean it's a bad movie.But I don't think it is worth buying.And I am not being overly critical here.Am very curious to find out what you think of the movie.So feel free to let me know if possible of course!




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