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Review Watchers (1988): Pretty solid and entertaining throughout!

genre: horror, science fiction

As it is with most book to movie adaptations the book fans weren't too happy with the result. Luckily I haven't read the book and am not handicapped with knowledge that could possibly taint my viewing pleasure. With that in mind I can say that Watchers is pretty solid and entertaining throughout. Is it thrilling or scary? The movie does move along in a nice pace and does contain some thrilling moments. There is just enough suspense to maintain interest. But scary? No, not really. Although there are some scenes that are bloody and gory to satisfy the gore hounds. In this adaptation the focus lies on the dog and his friendship with Corey Haim. A high cuteness factor that is very effective especially in the scene where the dog tells Corey Haim's character that he is endangering him. It makes the dog even more likable then he already was. Same goes for Corey Haim as he is not planning to abandon his new found friend. So it seems that the horror aspects have been dumbed down to increase the action and adventure elements. In this case it works. In my opinion Watchers deserves more credit and should not get slammed because it isn't a faithful adaptation.

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