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Review Safe (2012): Or as I like to call it Transporter part 10.

genre: action

Personally I like Jason Statham in his movies. But you can't ignore that for the most part he is making the same movie over and over again. Is that a good thing or bad thing? That is for you to decide.

Safe is a movie that demands you shut off your brain. Any attempt to take it seriously will hurt it real badly. Jason Statham plays another Transporter role where he decides to aid this young gifted Chinese girl. No, real motivation given. But she seems to be the purpose he has been waiting for. All sounds plausible until the mayhem starts and the bodycount gets insanely high. I mean Jason Statham is like Terminator in here. An unstoppable force killing every bad guy on his path. For the most part this is a very enjoyable affair. But at one point I did wonder why he needed to save this girl as a motivation of getting into action. He had plenty of reasons before he met her. Darned, I did it again. I tried to make sense of a plot that defies any logic. Ignore the plot and enjoy Jason Statham doing his thing.Then you will be ok. Unless of course you don't like him. In that case stay clear! 

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