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Review Kahaani a.k.a. Story (2012): Incredible tense thriller that starts strong and ends strong. Best of all no song and dance routines!

genre: thriller

Kahaani (Story) 2012 is an excellent tense thriller that will have you glued to the seat. 

Like many thrillers there will be moments that demand the viewer to suspend disbelief. If there is one thing essential then it is being able to ignore some flaws that defy logic. Not that these moments are obvious because Kahaani for the most part is well constructed and tightly directed. After reading some comments on forums I think that some people are over thinking the plot too much. To which I say go watch a few giallos and you will change your view forever. While plot is important it's how this plot is used that matters. The plot should be used to raise tension and build up suspense and Kahaani does all of that. 

That some actions of characters are illogical or flawed is something that needs to be overlooked in order to enjoy it. When it's done right of course. And Kahaani manages to do to it throughout. In large part because of actress Vidya Balan whose character alsois named Vidya. For me it was very refreshing to see such a strong performance from a female main character. Vidya has the viewers sympathy right from the start. Obviously most pregnant women will have that effect on people. But Vidya adds more to that. She is on a quest and will not quit until she achieved her goal even when multiple times it is said to her to think of her health and leave things be. Apart from strength there are little moments that show her desperation and flashback scenes where her funny side is displayed which makes her even more likable. So we are shown a complete character. Naturally we are on her side. 

Her side kick Inspector Rana who aids her above and beyond duty is also very likable. In the movie they motivate this that he has fallen in love with her. I personally thought that was a very weak plot device. There are men who can be helpful to beautiful women without having some ulterior motive. This love element was not necessary. Ok, a little nitpicking my side. So is Kahaani a rewarding viewing experience? YES! Many contemporary thrillers fail to achieve what Kahaani has managed to do. It starts strong and ends strong. In the middle it does slow down a little but then picks up the pace when it is needed again. The ending is one of the strongest I have seen in a long time especially in a Bollywood movie. Speaking of, for people who love the usual song and dance routines, none of that here. 

I hope we will get more movies of this caliber since I can't get enough of these. A must watch!

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