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Review The Washing Machine a.k.a. Vortice Mortale (1993): Absolutely a rewarding viewing experience!

genre: giallo, erotica

In multiple reviews I read that the director wasn't too happy with the end result. I only can imagine what he had envisioned but I completely disagree. The Washing Machine is an extremely enjoyable modern giallo that is stylish and offers thrills ranging from sexy to freaky. The viewer will get tricked multiple times.Which is a pleasure since most is done by three beautiful and immensely seductive sisters. One hornier than the other. They way they use their sexuality not only offers very titillating and  arousing scenes but at the same time really do have a function in the sordid plot. The plot is filled with so many surprises that it is a joy to see what happens next. Not without flaws though. Some developments are left open and maybe only were present to give details about the main character. What I liked most about The Washing Machine that it keeps you guessing about the characters. Once you think you figured them out they do something completely opposite. One last remark, contrary to what the director thought the relatively unknown actresses accomplish what very few can do which is engage the viewer. Absolutely a rewarding viewing experience! 

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