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Review Saw X (2023): Entertaining but not fresh enough!

genre: horror, mystery, thriller

Saw X is an odd beast in the franchise. It basically brings back the franchise to its roots, while at the same time it also serves as a prequel to a certain extent. John Kramer (Jigsaw) seemed like he was coming to terms with his illness and looked like he had a restored faith in humanity. But things don't work out as expected, and he is forced to once again bring back Jigsaw in full force.

I think this is one of the few times the deaths are truly justified. There were instances where you could question those. But this time I was rooting for Jigsaw all the way. One thing, though, Jigsaw was usually pretty sharp when it came to people and their intentions. Now of a sudden he is blinded. One could argue that he was really desperate for any positive outcome that he ignored the signs that were clearly there. Still, one could also argue that certain people are so sophisticated and relentless they can accomplish what they are set out to do.

Like it is stated by many reviewers, this is probably the best sequel in the franchise. Still, apart from a somewhat fresh angle story wise, it's not that different from all the other Saw films. The blood and gore is in abundance and if you love that kind of thing you will have a field day. At this point, almost every trap is an alternative version of former traps, so there won't be many surprises there. It does become clear though that the Saw franchise is running on fumes. For me personally, it would make sense if they follow the path of Spiral where you have a copycat with own set of rules and methods but where the focus lies on suspense and mystery with all kinds of twists and turns. I wouldn't mind a supernatural twist, where for example John Kramer returns as a ghost or demon who can possess whomever he wants but also is bound to certain rules, so that on both fronts there will be a sense of urgency.

Overall, Saw X will be entertaining for new audiences and old fans, but it's clear they should either come with real fresh and creative ideas or they should just stop!

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