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Review Sting (2024): A must watch!

genre: horror, thriller, science fiction

Sometimes it's hard to choose a film to watch, especially if you have tasked yourself to review it. Granted, I watch films faster than I write reviews about them, but still, I am not the type to go in blindly. Time is precious. To waste time on bad films that aren't fun is criminal. So whenever I can, I try to avoid this. On rare occasions I do follow my impulses and am happy to report that Sting will be a fun viewing experience.

In essence, Sting is a creature flick you shouldn't take that seriously. But despite the humour, there is room for some serious and dark moments. I found that Sting struck a nice balance between the two. Next to that, it's also visually appealing. Perhaps there are some pacing issues, especially towards the ending, but for the most part I was very invested with the characters and what was happening to them. The setting helps sell the tension, as it is supposedly set in an apartment building in Brooklyn during the winter. Although, it's pretty obvious this isn't a Hollywood production. In this case, that adds to the atmosphere and weirdness of some of the characters. It's also important to note that this is a work of writer / director Kiah Roache-Turner responsible for Wyrmwood and Nekrotonic. Wyrmwood and it's sequel especially were bloody good!

Obviously, Sting doesn't really do anything new or creative. But I don't think films like these are supposed to. They need to be fun and entertaining, and that is exactly what you get. So if you ask me, this is definitely a must-watch!

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