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Review The Fall Guy (2024): Don't even bother!

genre: action, comedy, drama

The trailer was full of action, stunts and spectacle. Of course, this had my psyched. Now, I realize I have been duped. 

It took me around ten minutes to be completely bored and disinterested. I kind of knew that none of the action sequences were going to make it worthwhile. And I was right. Only one sequence was good. Because of the way it was choreographed. But the film having this light and comedic tone actually ruined all the action and stunts that are supposed to be impressive. It's very possible to be comedic in some parts but at the same time offer real thrills. It's almost insulting towards the stuntmen how little the stunts impress. 

Let's say, I did like the mockery of Tom Cruise. Why not go all in? I would like to believe Tom Cruise could appreciate it just as much as the audience would. But Aaron Taylor-Johnson as Tom Ryder is just boring. And if he truly is going to become the next Bond, then I am out. He just doesn't have what it takes. Then the romance angle. Why? Blunt and Gosling have little to no chemistry. They were more like good mates who hang out from time to time. Why even incorporate this poorly written love story? I didn't buy it for one second. I must admit that the title does justice to the main plot. But I think we, the audience, also are The Fall Guy. You are let to believe you will be taken on a non-stop thrill ride, and what you get is one big mess that is slow and boring. 

Maybe, I am one of the few who knows the original The Fall Guy, it was a decent show capitalizing on Lee Majors who was excellent as the old stuntman who went bounty hunting if work was slow. I only happen to catch it since it was being shown on German television. So it was nice to see Lee Majors having a cameo. Even if cheesy, I think they should have Colt Seavers be the son of Lee's Colt where Lee would demonstrate how to do the job. And that son and father would bicker and fight each other every turn. It would have been funny and much better idea than what they have made now.

Overall, The Fall Guy is an empty and boring film. Don't even bother!

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