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Mini reviews Boy Kills World (2023), Knox Goes Away (2023), Iron Claw (2023) and Imaginary (2024)

genre: action, adventure, bullet ballet

Boy Kills World (2023):

Someone claimed this was John Wick on steroids. Yeah, hardly. It taps into some John Wick, but without the tight choreography and hard work that makes the action look good. This film has a lot of quick cuts to hide that stuntmen are really doing the action and stunts. Sure, I understand, Bill SkarsgĂ„rd and Jessica Rothe aren't trained. But would it have hurt to have them done a little more? And why even bother with going to such lengths to make believe these actors are doing action? We all know they don't then at least gives us action we can sink our teeth into. It's especially egregious that both Andrew Koji and Yayan Ruhian who both are among the best of martial artists only get a few moments to shine. As for the narration of Boy. Fun idea for like two minutes. It got tiresome real fast. Like with most contemporary films today, the film is too long and boring. There is not enough substance that warrants a duration of two hours. Of course, visually, the film is gorgeous. But honestly, I had no connection with anything in this film. I felt that this film was made for a younger audience who aren't that critical.

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genre: crime, drama, thriller

Knox Goes Away (2023):

Michael Keaton plays an older assassin who is suffering from dementia. Of all the professions in the world, that probably is the worst to be in. Then his estranged son asks him for help, and he is forced to be on top of his game, one last time. Keaton directs himself in a drama / thriller where the human element is more important than the twist and turns. I liked it, but I don't think it's a remarkable film. It's decent but pretty underwhelming. Especially where Al Pacino is also featured. Both of them are on automatic pilot and don't impress. 

genre: drama

Iron Claw (2023):

I was on board to be witness to apparently this very real story. Then the curse happens. Honestly, I am very aware that this was supposed to be a drama. But they way the characters interact and how little is said, I had to laugh at the tragedies that occur in this film. And why wouldn't I? If the family members themselves barely respond to very harrowing deaths, why should I care? I mean, I did, but am I supposed to believe that none of the characters express sorrow and devastation. There isn't a single dialogue or conflict between the main characters. All of them are so accepting of their fate. So stupid!

genre: horror, drama

Imaginary (2024):

Much better than I expected, but pretension is getting in the way of delivering dread and terror. A little confusion and chaos is good in horror films. But if it gets to the point you hardly care in the end, you made a mistake. Especially, if by doing this, events become less scary and creepy. And just the concept alone was promising. What if a cuddly toy, the one you turn to in moments of sadness and danger, is the one who you should be looking out for. Teddy Bears have been guarding babies, toddlers and adults since they have been conceived. They are always there for you, and how do we repay them? We throw them away because supposedly we have outgrown them. You know what? They have every right to be angry and come to haunt us.

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