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Review Late Night with the Devil (2023): Decent to good watch!

genre: horror

Late Night with the Devil is being praised by critics and audiences all over the world. Certainly raises expectations, doesn't it? Does this film deliver?

Well, for one thing, Late Night with the Devil, really managed to capture the 70s. It's quite essential for your appreciation, since the 70s birthed horror as we know now. They went further spectacle wise, but at the same time were also more psychological and disturbing. To its credit, Late Night with the Devil taps into this and like 70s horror films also could and should be seen as criticism towards social and political developments. That being said, while this film does offer a few surprises here and there, for the most part it's predictable. I had a good idea where it was going. I didn't mind, since I had hope there would be a twist to put everything upside down. Unfortunately, the film goes for safe instead of taking risks and ends like you expect it would. Late Night with the Devil had the opportunity to push boundaries. All the events taking place in one room should and could have provided more chills and dread. But since events were pretty predictable, the dread was negligent.

Still, the film does provide good acting and credibility. One could argue whether what is happening is all one big illusion, but one could also believe all the supernatural is real, since characters are really disturbed and terrified. David Dastmalchian is believable as the talk show host desperately trying to reach the same success he once had. Ingrid Torelli is amazing as Lilly. Especially when possessed.

Late Night with the Devil is a decent to good watch, but my expectations weren't met. I wanted more dread and terror like the 70s horror films this was based on.

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