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Filmography Bruce Lee, Brandon Lee and Shannon Lee

Listed here are all the titles Bruce Lee was involved in. I will purely focus on the work he is known for. I don't think I will be able to track down any of his work (as a child actor) Do I really need to explain what this man meant for me? I, was glued to the screen when I saw The Big Boss for the first time. The impact was significant.

1941 Golden Gate Girl
1946 The Birth of Mankind
1948 Wealth is Like a Dream
1949 Sai See in the Dream
1949 The Story of Fan Lei-fa
1950 The Kid
1950 Blooms and Butterflies
1951 Infancy
1953 A Myriad Homes
1953 Blame it on Father
1953 The Guiding Light
1953 A Mother's Tears
1953 In the Face of Demolition
1955 An Orphan's Tragedy
1955 Orphan's Song
1955 Love
1955 Love Part 2
1955 We Owe It to Our Children
1955 The Faithful Wife
1956 The Wise Guys Who Fool Around
1956 Too Late For Divorce
1957 The Thunderstorm
1957 Darling Girl
1960 The Orphan
1968 The Wrecking Crew
1969 Marlowe
1970 A Walk in the Spring Rain
1971 The Big Boss
1972 Fist of Fury
1972 The Way of the Dragon
1973 Fist of Unicorn
1978 Game of Death

Listed here are all the titles Brandon Lee was involved in as an actor. I remember receiving the news about his death and how it had impacted me. I am sure that he was going to be huge in the film industry had he not fallen victim to the fatal accident.

1986 Kung Fu: The Movie (TV)
1987 Kung Fu: The Next Generation (TV)
1989 Laser Mission
1988 Ohara
2002 Sex, Lögner och Videovåld

Listed here are all the titles Shannon Lee was involved in as a filmmaker.

1993 Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story
1994 Cage II
1998 Blade
2001 Lessons for an Assassin
2002 She, Me and Her
2020 Be Water
1995 WMAC Masters
1998 Martial Law
2000 Epoch
2012 I Am Bruce Lee
2019 – present Warrior (exec. producer)

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