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Review High Voltage (1997): Shannon Lee in a prominent role unfortunately she is not kicking ass that much as I hoped!

genre: action, crime

There were two reasons I was curious about this movie. One was the supposed John Woo type of action and Shannon Lee (daughter of Bruce Lee). 

Well, Shannon is prominently featured in this film only not in the way I hoped she would be. She does get into action for a little bit but most of that is reserved for Antonio Sabato Jr. and co which includes Amy Smart. Shannon shows that she can act and it makes me wonder why she hasn't pursued to do more acting. Maybe we she will in future. One can hope. 

Most action scenes are adequately choreographed. Not sure about how slow motion is applied though. It definitely can't be compared to the John Woo type of action many fans (including me) are craving for. For that it lacks rhythm and dramatic impact. The choice of background music also detracts from the viewing experience. They chose some semi western type theme that was a little too happy. I know that you should not take the plot and the events that seriously although the actors themselves do. And it has to be said that it does help make you enjoy the film a little better. Lack of story is not that much of a problem because the film moves in a fast enough pace. However not having compelling characters makes High Voltage a little boring. William Zabka (The Karate Kid) also has a role in High Voltage and very briefly promised to steal the show. When they introduced him and saw how his woman was riling him up to take what he deserves it seemed like that he would go over the top and go crazy on us. Which would be so awesome. But apparently they forgot or could not be bothered to write something cool for him to do and he ends up having the compulsory and very predictable fight between him and the hero played by Antonio. 

As Bad as B movies can be this is not nearly as bad as you think it is. Especially if you watch this very late at night. However people expecting some kick ass martial arts and John Woo type of action will be very disappointed.  We want more Shannon kicking ass dammit! Make it so!

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