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Review Rapid Fire (1992): Brandon Lee's best movie!

genre: martial arts, action, crime

Rapid Fire is without a doubt Brandon Lee's best movie. I know that if he were alive now he would have exceeded this with ease and improved himself as an actor. He was on his way to stardom. I am sure of that.

In Showdown in Little Tokio he already had shown that he was a good actor. And in my opinion it was an insult that they had given the lead role to Dolph Lundgren. Brandon Lee was more charismatic than him, and he was the reason for me to watch that film. In that film it is also apparent that he is the better martial artist. Of course some might argue me on this, but just from the way he moved compared to Dolph it is obvious. But anyway, in Rapid Fire he has the lead role and literally explodes. 

His presentation of martial arts skills was wonderful. I knew that he had learned Jeet kune do (Bruce Lee's invented style) but I never realized that he was this good. The things he does is just a tour of force. His skill as a martial artist combined with his skill as an actor made him a serious threat to other actors in this genre. He would have been one of the greatest action stars. Or maybe even more since The Crow was a showcase of his skills as an actor. Due to his tragic death we are denied to witness this. Other reviewers complain about this being an average story with good action. Well hello, isn't that the point? The plot is not important. It is all about the action, and it is a plus if the story is exciting! Rapid Fire doesn't waste time to go from one action scene to another while still being able to give enough story and characterization to make the viewer more invested. The acting (Powers Boothe, Nick Mancuso) is more than great and gives this action film an extra flavour. Especially Nick Mancuso is having a great time playing the villain. 

Rapid Fire is a marvelous action movie which you will enjoy and believe it or not still holds up today!

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