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Review Legacy of Rage a.k.a. Long zai jiang hu 1986: Brandon Lee is doing heroic bloodshed!

genre: heroic bloodshed, action, crime,

The one thing that keeps popping up when you look into Brandon Lee, was his desire to get out of the shadow of his father. It makes sense. He would have never been able to live up to that legend. Although he believed that was expected of him. I am not sure if that is entirely true. Sure, fans would have liked him to follow his father and do martial arts films. I think eventually they would let go of that in favour of his own wish, to be a real actor and not some action hero. 

And perhaps he did see what they wanted from him, and he couldn't accept it. He had asked Ronny Yu to avoid having him do martial arts. He didn't want to do it. I think Ronny Yu stated that Brandon had said he wasn't that good. But if you have seen the way he moves, especially in Rapid Fire that is a big lie. He was quite good. But like Ronny Yu stated, Brandon was being difficult because he didn't want to do scenes that would make him resemble his father in any way. 

It's the main reason why there aren't that many fights in this film. Something the crowds were so eager for. Yes, including me. But now understanding where Brandon was coming from, I have no problems with his wish to do his own thing. Although I do believe that if he had pleased the crowds by giving them what they wanted, he could have won them over by giving them what he wanted. Now, you might be thinking, if he doesn't fight? What does he do? Well, shoot and spray bullets like a main character in a John Woo film. And he is great. If Brandon had the desire to do delve into this genre or similar, then I would be applauding it all the way. His acting is also quite good. He is very charming but also has this intensity about him like you can feel the rage that is building up inside him. The problem is that there is no plot to back him up on that. Believe me. I have tried. Many times, many viewings to get into the story, and it simply is too lacking and average to hold your interest. I think this can be explained that both Brandon Lee and Ronny Yu had different ideas of what this film was going to be. 

Despite this, Legacy of Rage, can't be called bad. Unfortunately, even for the genre, it's rather average. The last fifteen minutes definitely is the biggest highlight of the film, and I think this is also the moment where both Brandon and Ronny are on the same page.

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