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Review The Wild Geese (1978): Would probably be considered politically incorrect today but is therefore quite awesome!

genre: action, adventure, drama

People of today often forget that certain customs and traditions were different in the past. And yes, sometimes those were inappropriate and perhaps immoral. Still, those are part of that specific time and should remain and not be altered, removed or cancelled. How else are you going to learn what not to do or to witness that some things have improved?

That being said, while some attitudes in this film might be considered politically incorrect, it's very honest. The persons confronted with these truths appreciate this candour and manage to change the old thinking. Lt. Pieter Coetzee is an old school colonialist and immensely racist. Despite this huge handicap, he helps President Julius Limbani the best he can. He doesn't mince his words which Limbani sees as an opportunity to connect and reach out. Perhaps it's a tiny bit forced. But it does help elevate the film considerably. Another character, Arthur Witty, who is openly gay, is being mocked at times, however this only happens because he is accepted as one of the guys. Plus, he ends up being one of the most badass characters as he performs one of the most effective and heroic acts in this film. SJW's would not even give this film a chance to spread its message, but people like me, who prefer honesty and reality, will surely enjoy that and the film itself.

Action wise, The Wild Geese, certainly is good. The military combat for the most part looks real and authentic. And that shouldn't be that big of a surprise, since half of the cast consists of ex military soldiers and people who have experienced war for real. Naturally, some events are very dramatic. But because of certain twists and turns, those make sense and seem to be very effective into drawing you into the story. Almost every issue concerning mercenaries is addressed. Not in depth, but there is enough there to point out that even mercenaries are people of honour and morals. 

What really saves the film, is the top-notch cast. Richard Burton, Richard Harris and Roger Moore are at their best. Especially Burton and Harris seem to be true troopers. They both demonstrate to be able to take the material serious and not sabotage the film by their usual antics. This doesn't mean the film is perfect. I do think that the pacing is a little uneven and on the slow side. Then again, it does a good job to establish important characters and make it worth your while.

Overall, The Wild Geese certainly offer more than you are expecting. Pretty thrilling, especially if you were expecting a predictable story. Next to action, it offers good insight concerning politics and history. But it's also a lot of fun and awesome! 

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