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Review Evil Dead II (1987): Crazier than the original, I love it!

genre: comedy, horror

In general, this sequel is regarded to be better and bigger than the original. For me personally, it's on the same level but somewhat different experience. 

The Evil Dead might have contained some humour, it never detracted from the horror. Actually, it was there to relief the tension. Evil Dead II ups the comedy and sacrifices some of the horror in favour of comedy. However, I do need to emphasize this, the horror elements are still huge in this. But for whatever reason, this sequel at the same time also is a remake. You can easily watch this without having seen the original, and it wouldn't matter. But if, like me, you have seen it, you will be a little confused. Since you do have to be aware of the gruesome adventure, Ash has been drawn in, still you need to overlook or disregard the original events somewhat. They play out a little differently. The big reason for this is the fact that Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell didn't own the rights to their own film, so they had to reshoot everything. However, Bruce reassures us that Evil Dead definitely is a sequel, or requel that makes perfect sense.

Watch the video where Bruce explains it:

With that out of the way, let us focus on the new adventure Ash finds himself in. The deadites are still on his case but where in the original he was still learning, Ash has become the hero we come to love. He kicks ass 24/7 and does what needs to be done. Even when he has to face his own hand, which is possessed. One of the most memorable and hilarious scenes in film history. He gets some help from others for a bit. But let's be real here. You know they aren't going to be that helpful. 

But for the most part, Evil Dead II is one horrifying event after another. It never lets up. Even in the slower moments, there is still tension or dread present where anything can happen. And if you know Sam Raimi, anything does happen. Very important to note is that it's never boring. After all this time, it still holds up. There is a very good reason why Ash versus Evil Dead exists. Overall, Evil Dead II is a must watch for sure.

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