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Review The Evil Dead (1981): Definitely a cult classic!

genre: horror

A few weeks ago I have purchased a led projector and have been collecting and re watching a lot of older movies since the experience is significantly better than just watching it on television unless you got a real big monitor of course. For a film fan like me the home cinema experience can be very overwhelming. I mean some movies really benefit from a big screen. It has been quite fun watching films like this. So for no special reason at all I decided to pop in my Blu Ray disc of The Evil Dead. And here are my thoughts about it.

The first time I watched The Evil Dead was a very long time ago and back then we did not have DVD's yet. Yes, I am that old. The Evil Dead was one of those tapes I came across many times when browsing for titles. Actual real life browsing by walking up to a video, taking it out, looking at the cover on the front, looking at the description on the back. In these days you also could not turn to the almighty internet for this kind of information so you were dependent on the information given in the description. Or if you were lucky you could have watched it being reviewed by the few film programs you had. But most of the time those reviews were incredibly biased since most of the people doing the reviews were real old men from a whole other time period. Anyway The Evil Dead was not something I knew a lot about and took the gamble. I remember watching it very late at night at 2:00 and how I felt after it. I was completely blown away by this film. The Evil Dead was filled with surprises and was a good mix of gore, suspense and comedy. I do have to add that the comedy was minimal and just there to relief the tension. Because The Evil Dead was super intense.

But this was back then. How was my experience now? Well, I must have seen this film a couple of times in my lifetime and it still contained a lot of moments that made me feel that tension and dread. Naturally knowing the events and how they will turn out will diminish the surprise factor. And because of that you won't be as scared as you were the first time. However there are some elements that have remained just as strong. Like the camera work. It's not for nothing that this has been copied by other film makers. The visual practical effects still look awesome. Of course you can tell it's fake but while the scene is playing you can't but help be grossed out or terrified by them. The contrast between the actors how they normally look and then when they turn into deadites can be very unnerving. But most important Sam Raimi builds up the terror and suspense by easing us into the horrific events.

You can say a lot about The Evil Dead but not that it's boring. This original basically is about the making of the hero we now love and adore. Ash. Here he still is Ashley, a little timid and passive. But then was forced to deal with darkness and evil he has to dish out some pain. There is a lot going on in this film and certainly is superior to the remake The Evil Dead that for a whole hour was extremely slow and boring. 

So overall The Evil Dead is very deserving of being called a cult classic!

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