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Review Shotgun Wedding (2022): Die Hard screwball comedy!

genre: die hard clone, action, comedy, romance


A poor attempt of blending screwball comedy with Die Hard action. It could have worked. Sadly, everyone involved are on automatic pilot. 

Shotgun Wedding starts out real awful, gradually it gets better but nonetheless fails to accomplish what it set out to do, which is to entertain. The story, the characters, the setting, you name it, almost everything is a cliché. But that is not my biggest beef with this film. The fact that none of the jokes or romance elements work is a big problem. Sure, I laughed one or two times. But when you have people like Cheech Marin and Jennifer Coolidge present, the comedy should have been better. But both of them are underused. Instead, they tried to give both Josh Duhamel and Jennifer Lopez centre stage. Duhamel is a decent actor. But he doesn't have the acting chops to improve a film with his performance. Jennifer Lopez can be fine, but so far she has only been adequate. She usually fares better in romcoms, but only when she is partnered up with a better actor like Matthew McConaughey or Ralph Fiennes. It's almost painful to witness her supposed comedic talents. They are non-existent. Duhamel and Lopez do look believable as a couple. Unfortunately, they have zero chemistry. Josh tried real hard to connect with Lopez. But because of her incompetence and perhaps arrogance, she can't even act be sweet and adorable for over twenty seconds. I read that Ryan Reynolds was the original actor to star before Arnie Hammer was called in. I can see how Reynolds would have made sense. But Hammer? I don't think that would have worked either.

Shotgun Wedding also makes the mistake to be jokey in the action scenes, when the contrast between tough as nails action and light-hearted comedy would have provider better fireworks. Why not have people killed instead of slightly wounded? It would point out that the goons mean business, and they aren't to be messed with. It would make seem their defeat by the inexperienced couple so much more humiliating. Or why not have the Filipino couple do all the badass stuff trying to escape the island but failing to because for example the husband didn't do the tasks his wife asked him to do. Or replace this couple with Cheech and Braga and have them take out bad guys left and right while they discuss their failed marriage. It would provide the laughs this film desperately needs. 

Overall, fails to make you laugh or feel good. So do skip it!

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