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Review Scream (2022): Heavily flawed but fun!

genre: thriller, horror, mystery

Ever since Scream was created, I knew it had the potential to be a franchise that could last. And here were are so many years later. 5 films and a TV Show. I only wished that every part after the first was just as strong and good as the original. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Don't get me wrong, for the most part the films and the series are very entertaining and do offer genuine horror goodness in their own right but over the years the meta has taken over where creepiness, dread and thrills should have been at the forefront.

Scream, a requel ( reboot that is a sequel at the same time), is very aware of it's existence in the franchise. And to be honest that is the saving grace of the film. By now you have a fondness for the returning cast but you still don't quite know if you can trust them. At the same time, though, they are the ones who warn people to be on their guard and not trust anyone. Let's face it, they can't do wrong. They have been through this serial killer galore over and over again, can you blame them for being paranoid? The thing is, that Ghostface is utterly predictable in this film. Even the misdirection is obvious. I am sure they thought they were being clever. But to be able to play around with convention, you do have to be able to scare people and instil dread. This is non-existent. Some killings certainly are brutal and bloody. But they aren't really memorable. One death in particular made an impact but the others I can barely remember. 

I was glad though that the returning cast did play a pivotal role in events. Unlike Disney Star Wars who mistreated and raped the veteran characters. If you are going to hand over the torch this is how it should be done. However there is one thing I was very disappointed about. Ghostface. Instead of coming up with something fresh and creative, they went in the route the previous films also went. And that wouldn't be such a problem if the motives for the killings were compelling. You know, this is why I like giallo's so much. While those films can be downright weird and bizarre, the motives for murders or criminal acts are always founded in reality and psychology. They make some sense. Here it just seems like an afterthought. 

So overall, I had a real good time watching this film, but at the same time it didn't have the profound impact the first two Scream films had on me. 

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