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Review Long Arm of the Law II a.k.a. Sang gong kei bing 2 (1987): Simple story but with many redeeming elements!

genre: heroic bloodshed, action, crime

Long Arm of the Law II is a sequel in name only as much as the third part in the franchise. I guess it's not so much about the characters arcs but more about the theme that is similar. Bunch of mainland guys trying to make it big in Hong Kong and then get more than they bargained for. I guess this is something that will never truly disappear. Most people have ambitions and dreams and for whatever reason they think it will be easier to achieve these in big cities or regions like Hong Kong. Usually they will realize it's just as hard or even harder.

Crime is rampant in Hong Kong and normal police tactics have failed. In order to be more efficient, the police have opted the use of mainland police officers to go undercover and infiltrate the gangs that are causing the new crime wave. Yes, a trope that has been done to death and therefore not really that compelling. If not for the the three officers played by Elvis Tsui, Ben Lam and Yuen Yat Chor. Somehow they managed to do a lot with their characters even if they have not been given that much to do with plot wise. For me personally Elvis Tsui really stuck out. I mainly know him from playing big stubborn brutes often with some moral code but mostly being super rigid and difficult. In this film he is more laid back, subtle and immensely likable. I think this must be one of his finest performances ever. In that regard he definitely is one of the highlights in this film.

Like I said the plot about taking on crime is not that interesting but it does enough to make the events and action sequences more compelling and intense. Especially when things go wrong. Next to well choreographed action, there is a lot of great stunt work. The clever editing even makes it seem that a majority of the characters are super men and won't break their bones. Like the third part there is a level of grittiness and sadism infused in the film. One scene in particular is pretty brutal but very effective. It really helps to make you root against the villains of the story. The pacing is perfect. I didn't notice any slow down. For a plot this minimal and lacking that is a real accomplishment.

Overall this definitely is one of the better heroic bloodshed titles that has aged well. One I can recommend!

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