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Review Line Walker 2: Invisible Spy a.k.a. Shi tu xing zhe 2: Die ying xing dong (2019): Awesome action flick!

genre: bullet ballet, action, crime, thriller

Normally I don't dive into sequels without having seen the original. But then I read that the actors who were in the original are playing different characters in a separate story which has little to do with the original and the show it's based on. So I took a chance. And I am very glad I did.

Honestly when I read the premise regarding the plot concerning corrupt cops and agents I immediately was skeptical since Hong Kong crime and action flicks have been doing this thing since forever. And only a few of them actually had a plot or substance to match the action that was heavily featured in them. This is no different. Actually while tonally this seems like a modern and sophisticated thriller it does feel more like an Eighties or Nineties action flick where the plot is in service of the action. Granted the plot is very convoluted and far too confusing for it's own good. But I understood why they went for that approach. They are trying real hard to instill doubt and confusion on the main characters. To an extent they succeeded. Although I really wished that Hong Kong producers of films like these would hire better writers. For example, the film does very little to explain to you before events kick in what the main characters are about. It's enormously vital for the story yet it is asked of you to just go with the plot as it goes. Now, this always had been one of my to go to reasons for action flicks especially the Hong Kong ones. But I think a film would have more classic potential if there are more elements you can return to when watching multiple times. 

Mind you, I definitely will be returning to this film merely for the action. Since it's that good. Well choreographed, hard hitting and exciting. It's almost everything Raging Fire should have been like. Perhaps I am little unfair and too harsh on Donnie Yen and co. Then again. Both Benny Chan and Donnie have proven to be masters of action and kind of have let us down. Line Walker 2 also could have gone the same route but somehow realized that the pacing needed to be consistent. And that it is. Once the events start to happen you are in a for a fun ride that never lets up.  

It's also a very beautiful film to look at since it also was going for an international flair with locations as Myanmar and Spain (Madrid). There is even part reserved for a CGI bull which is completely satisfying as it shows the brute power a bull is capable off. I would like to imagine that bulls all around the world are proud of their brother taking his revenge that is well deserved. In hindsight I think while the film plays thing quite seriously, you aren't really expected to do so. It's very aware of how insane it is and revels in it. It is therefore I can wholeheartedly recommend this!

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