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Review Venom: Let There Be Carnage (2021): It's basically a rom com!

genre: comic book adaptation, super heroes, action, adventure, science fiction

This second outing is proof Sony doesn't care about Venom and simply is using the character to milk his popularity. The same goes for Carnage.

Once upon a time when I was reading a lot of Marvel comics, including the many editions featuring Spider-Man, Carnage meant something. It was a force so strong and evil that Spider-Man had to call upon Venom to aid him in beating him. Venom already was quite the villain. He had no trouble eating people. To be fair, the symbiote needs blood in order to survive, so it's not like Eddie Brock has that much of a choice. Also I do remember him being far more unstable than how he is portrayed in the live action films. Brock didn't seem to mind consuming people at all. Enter Carnage. A psychotic serial killer with no inhibitions whatsoever. He certainly lived up to his name and caused death and chaos to such extent that the world started to crumble and many other super heroes had to step in trying to remedy the evil spawned by Carnage. Even Venom was like, this is too much. Add the fact that Spider-Man, Venom and Carnage are connected made things so much more compelling and exciting. I mean it's almost endearing to hear Carnage call Venom, dad. That would make Spider-Man his granddad. In a way had Spider-Man never needed to repair his original suit in The Secret Wars both Venom and Carnage would not have existed.

None of the above is in the film. Sure Venom is put against Carnage but there is zero tension or excitement attached to it. The rom com antics between Venom and Eddie Brock were more entertaining than Carnage and whatever he was trying to do in the film. But that is not what I had signed up for. I know that with Spider-Man not being involved they had to find another way to up the ante. Only what they opted for was a bleak and very minimal version of carnage. There is almost no death in the film. And undoubtedly that is because of the PG-rating. However the fact that there is no real urgency to events, is the biggest problem. On top of that the action and spectacle also is disappointing. I mean the CGI is superb. Both Venom and Carnage look real good. However they never are scary or menacing. It's that one element which is very crucial to what they are about. If you take that away there is nothing.

And this is how you should view this film. It's basically a one off film where versions of Venom and Carnage are featured who don't even come close to the original characters. Entertaining while it lasts, but immensely forgettable. 

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