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Review In the Line of Duty III a.k.a. Force of the Dragon a.k.a. Yes Madam 2 (1988): A bit messy and unbalanced but worth the watch!

genre: girls with guns, bullet ballet, martial arts

In the Line of Duty III is a sequel in name only since as far as I can tell there is no connection to previous films but where Cynthia Khan succeeds Michelle Yeoh and Cynthia Rothrock as the female cop who is determined to fight crime the best she can.

Like in the previous part, Royal Warriors, a Japanese cop travels to Hong Kong out of revenge for the murder of his partner. The cop is played by Hiroshi Fujioka. Truth be told I had no idea who he was although he did look familiar. Then it dawned on me that he played the eponymous Segata Sanshiro, the mascotte for the Sega Saturn. But he might be more famous for playing Takeshi Hongo/Rider 1 in the first Kamen Rider series. He is also called the Japanese Chuck Norris. I think that has to do with the fact that he refuses to retire and still is going strong acting in action shows and films even when is 75. 

Hiroshi is hunting the Duo Robbers, consisting of actors Stuart Ong and Nishiwaki Michiko (Angel Terminators and The Outlaw Brothers). They are members of the Japanese Red Army, a terrorist organization. The two fled to Hong Kong so that they can trade the jewelry they stole for weapons. Only to find out that they have been doublecrossed. This doesn't sit right with them. Not that they need a reason to but a whole lot of violence and killings ensue because of this predicament. 

I truly wished I could say that this third part in the franchise is just as good as the first two and the fourth. Unfortunately, excellent choreographed fights have been replaced by brutality. In hindsight it makes sense and actually is refreshing still I never was mesmerized by any of the action. It's obvious that people who were major players for the spectacle like for example Corey Yuen weren't involved. I do think there are some redeeming elements to this part and will make it worth your while. The fight between Hiroshi and Stuart Ong definitely is a highlight. And Cynthia Khan as the successor to Michelle Yeoh. While she clearly is doubled in some scenes she does give it her all and at times strikes real hard. A joy to watch really!

A bit messy and unbalanced but worth the watch especially compared to In the Line of Duty 5: The Middle Man.

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