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Review The Outlaw Brothers a.k.a. Zui jia zei pai dang (1990)

genre: martial arts, action,

Compared to other titles in this genre of that era Outlaw Brothers just lacks that something extra to stand out. But compared to titles of this era it still is far superior. For one thing even when the story is average it still is made enjoyable mainly because of Frankie Chan and Yukari Oshima. Her kicks are amazing! The interaction between her and Frankie is so much fun and is enough to make you keep watching.There are pitfalls like so many Hong Kong movies of that time could not avoid. The humour is far from subtle. But someone familiar with the genre should be used to this by now.There is a vibe to this movie that reminded me of No Man's Land with Charlie Sheen and D.B. Sweeney. How can it not be since the main characters are car thieves. Let's say there is more of an eighties ambiance than a nineties one. Which is a good thing. Definitely one to watch! 

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