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Review Angel Terminators a.k.a. Hong tian huang jia jiang (1992): Average title in the girls with guns genre!

genre: girls with guns

The title sounds promising doesn't it? If you were expecting something like Iron Angels this movie just falls short. 

The focus seems to be more on drama than on the action. In this genre this just doesn't work. We don't want to see these women humiliated or drugged.We want them to kick ass! There are too many scenes that are just too much. Kenneth Tsang playing the bad guy shows emotion when one of his friends get killed. In the other scene he urinates on the woman he said he loved. Very disgusting scene and very unnecessary. The main character gets captured, tortured and drugged. She manages to look like some junkie who has been an addict for years. (She only has been put on the drugs for one week or so! I mean I get it that you want to emphasize the dramatic effects of drug use but seriously don't go over the top please.) Obviously the director wanted to shock us only at what cost? It put me off this film. Besides the mood in a genre like this shouldn't be this dark. Although I wouldn't mind that much if the action scenes were good. Apart from some decent scenes the action is not mind blowing. To be fair it is just average. The only reason we tolerate any kind of plot and story telling in the genre if it serves the action and not the other way around. It would distract too much. 

My advice: watch it one time and then forget about it! 

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