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Review Halloween Kills (2021): Like Michael Myers it looks like this franchise can't be killed!

genre: horror, slasher, thriller

It was obvious to me we hadn't seen the last of Michael Myers. So naturally I looked forward to seeing him in action once again. And boy, he certainly doesn't disappoint. However there are some elements to this sequel I didn't like.

Halloween (2018) already retconned the timeline as it completely ignores every sequel after the first two. It's understandable why they did that so I had no problems with that whatsoever. However this sequel took the retcon to the next level and added in subplots that never transpired but now we have to accept as lore. If these were to deepen characters or add to the entity that is Michael Myers that would have made sense to me. Only now it seems like they are trying real hard to demystify the monster. Like they tried to deal with Pennywise in IT. If you don't fear the monster, he can't kill you. I understand the sentiment but in this case it's rather pointless. Michal Myers never needed fear. He just kills. Why? Because like Dr. Loomis had stated. He is evil, pure and simple. It's not something you can defeat easily. 

Which is why it's infuriating to watch characters follow the horror tropes so closely. For example, if time and time again the monster has arisen why would you not follow up on destroying the monster? Like the majority of the time people in Haddonfield have had enough of Michael Myers and are prepared to fight him. So much so they get into undeniably stupid mob mode where they drove an innocent man to his death. They were bloodthirsty and ready to kill. But when the moment was there, they kept making the same mistake over and over again. Hit like once or twice and leave him alone. Why not cut off his limbs? Shoot him in the head thirty times over. Or something else drastic. At least to point out that the people aren't messing about. While I find enjoyment in the creative kills I never had rooted for Michael Myers. As stupid as the characters were sometimes I always was on their side. But this time, I was so happy to see Michael Myers do his thing. I mean if you as a character have plenty of opportunities to run or evade the monster I can't accept you just standing there. Sure I get that some people when they are shocked freeze up. However some don't. Especially the ones who were up in arms to deal with Michael Myers suddenly would be super scared? That's a bunch of BS. And why not prepare yourself a little better?

I honestly am still a little puzzled of what they were going for with this sequel. Laurie Strode's involvement is very minimal this time. Now the fighting is done by her daughter and granddaughter. I mean it's kind of obvious that they would take over the mantle but not until Laurie Strode was truly out of the picture. Somehow they changed up the dynamics and everything that was built up in the previous film. To be honest, that should have been the end. The ultimate one. But it was nice to see Laurie Strode become the hunter and be the badass grandma (even if she made rookie mistakes). Why then had they made her character regress (even more)? Why have her inject herself with a heavy dose of morphine to then only minutes after have her give up because of pain. I like seeing Anthony Michael Hall return in films but his role made no sense to me. He was very close to being someone who makes an impact but ultimately means very little in the grand scheme of things. Other characters returning from the first two films was genius though. It's real rare for original characters to return and have some significance. Although some of them still had to play complete morons in order to abide by horror law.

But this brings me to the kills. They were glorious. Michael Myers seems a little more angry and aggressive this time. I remember him being effective and efficient. Now he also seems capable of squashing people's faces. It's a little stupid but so much fun. In the end all the complaints I have mentioned couldn't ruin my viewing experience. It's pretty entertaining throughout. But they do need to step up the writing and make Michael Myers scary again.

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