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Review Recalled a.k.a. Naeileui Gieok (2021): Before I Go to Sleep rip-off?

genre: mystery, thriller

After having viewed the trailer and having read the premise I got a heavy deja vu feeling. For a large part Recalled is very similar to Before I Go to Sleep. Fortunately there are more events and surprises that make this film play out very differently. 

One of the vital difference is that the main character next to being an amnesiac is having visions or glimpses of the future. Or at least she is convinced this is the case. But because of what she sees and feels she is starting to notice something is off about her husband. She starts to investigate into matters in order to get to the truth she might be ready for. I thought the idea behind this is pretty clever. Except the execution of this premise was a little lacking. I feel they really could and should have banked on this a little more so that the whole viewing experience would be more thrilling. Not that the film doesn't have suspense. However it's not really that compelling since there are too many details missing. You hardly know the characters and literally anything could happen. When it comes to misdirection you do need to embellish on events and characters a little more otherwise you aren't going to be invested.

At one point you do but not really because of the twists and turns. But because of the dynamics between the leads. I can't go into it without spoiling things but let's just say that one specific subplot is very culturally defined. It's something people in Asian countries will relate more than in Western countries. Even being aware of this I just thought it really didn't mix well with the mystery elements. 

Overall I found the film to be entertaining. Despite the pacing and plot issues. Still I can't really recommend it. It's too flawed for that.

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