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Review Black Widow (2021): A little underwhelming but had a good time nonetheless!

genre: comic book adaptation, super hero, action, adventure, science fiction

For whatever reason Marvel thought it was finally time for Black Widow to get her own film. And not going to lie when it was announced I was a little excited since I had hope it was going to be bring her back. Then it became clear that Black Widow takes place right after Captain America: Civil War. So this is what you call a safe film which begs the question, why has this film been made?

Because while I did enjoy most of the action, spectacle and comedy. I did not learn anything new about Nastasha Romanov. Yes, I learned something about some other people in her life nothing truly new is explored. One could argue this film serves as a redemption arch but that would imply Natasha was struggling. If I am not mistaken she had managed to get past her demons and she was fine. As a standalone film Black Widow is very low on story and intrigue. It doesn't have that many surprises. It compensates this with good dynamics between Natasha, her sister played by Florence Pugh, her mother played by Rachel Weisz and father played by David Harbour as the Red Guardian. He easily was the best character in the film. He offers the best dime for your buck. 

My biggest issue is the lack of intrigue, suspense and urgency. Nothing is truly at stake and therefore feels incredibly tame. Especially compared to the TV Shows Marvel has been producing. At least each of those shows had an edge to them in some form or another. But ok, then why not venture a little more about who Natasha is. They could and should have showed life outside being on missions when she is not working. Instead of telling is, show this. Show why it's hard for her to have a life outside work. She herself states she never allows herself to think and ponder how she could improve her life. I also feel Clinton Barton, a.k.a. as Hawkeye should have been in this film. I get that they didn't have time to show off that relationship in the crossover films. But surely in her own film they could have managed to squeeze him in? Like I mentioned earlier. Black Widow is a very safe film and that's why it feels a little underwhelming. 

Overall it's entertaining enough while it lasts but it's not going to have that much impact on you which is a real shame if you ask me.

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