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Review X-Men: Dark Phoenix (2019): The second film that failed to do Dark Phoenix justice!

genre: comic book adaptation, action, adventure, science fiction

As you may be aware X-Men: The Last Stand is the first live action film dealing with the phenomenon called Dark Phoenix. It did an extremely poor job. If that were the only thing that was wrong with it I would have reviewed it without any objections. But that one is so aggravating and infuriating that I simply refuse to ever do a review about it. Now enter Dark Phoenix. It's far from a good film but it at least as some redeeming parts in it. I would even put it above X-Men: Apocalypse. 

I wished I could blame the actors. But honestly they are doing their best with what they are given. It's obvious they care. Well, except Jennifer Lawrence. She had no business being in these films in the first place. She was made a pivotal character while in the comics she was just a side character. Beast, Cyclops, Jean Grey were and are true X-Men. For a while it did look like their involvement was going to be bigger. Therefore it's so confusing that Fox didn't try to go out with a bang by giving them better material. I am aware they might have felt under pressure since  Disney took them over still what better way to leave a mark is by making a good film. It seems like they didn't care. This is obvious since the lack of story is apparent. Basically it's Jean Grey discovering certain things concerning herself and brooding about it the whole film. Her emo trip is so bad it even upsets the biggest brooder of them all, Magneto.Talk about assassinating one of the most compelling characters in the franchise. He was doing well, couldn't they have left him alone. Couldn't she have left him alone? Also one thing that really bothers me about the dark side of Jean Grey that it's never stated that the Phoenix Force, a cosmic entity of God-like power which has control over life and death, found a host in Jean Grey. It's why she acted evil and different from before. In Dark Phoenix she seems to be somewhat in control of her powers and chooses to unleash them. But then because the plot demands it she supposedly didn't mean to. It doesn't make much sense.

The action and spectacle is fine. I found it entertaining for the most part but was never really wowed. It's the one thing that makes the X-Men stand out from other super heroes. Their powers are so impressive that it even scares other super heroes let alone humans. Overall Dark Phoenix is a big mess with some decent action sequences and solid acting. But the story is all over the place and certainly not doing the Dark Phoenix Saga justice. I can't really recommend this.

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