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Review The Tomorrow War (2021): I loved it!

genre: science fiction, action, adventure, drama

The Tomorrow War is not a mind bending film that tries to challenge you in any way. It's basically a simple action adventure. Nothing more and nothing less.

Yet many reviews have been real harsh on it as if this film had any pretension of being the next Guardians of the Galaxy. As much as I loved those films they are hardly perfect masterpieces. Even if I might have called them that in the past and do think that to a certain extent they are. I mean yes, they do a lot of things right but in the end they are also just simple action adventure flicks. So why then does The Tomorrow War get met with such hate? Well, perhaps it is the lack of ambition and pretension. I mean the events in the film certainly are grand and epic but you aren't bombarded with dramatic and depressing moments. Most of the time the big disaster event is just a plot a device that propels characters into motion and it is clear we are supposed to be rooting for the characters to prevent that from happening. There is no time for deception and backstabbing. I think it's actually commendable how little the film gets distracted with many sub plots and solely focuses on the main one.

Granted The Tomorrow War could have benefitted from deeper characterization and more intense dynamics. Then again most of the interactions were serviceable and effective. While you are supposed to take most of the film seriously there are plenty of moments you are made to laugh. I can't even begin to tell you how refreshing it was to see minor characters made such a big impact in very little time. You also aren't overwhelmed with action and spectacle. I was surprised how balanced it was. Especially after I had read somewhere it was overkill. I doubt this person actually watched the film since that is a blatant lie. If anything I personally would have liked more action. And yes one could fault the film for being utterly predictable. If a film is dull and boring that could be a problem. However The Tomorrow War is never boring. It's engaging and entertaining from start to finish. 

I can't state that of many so called big films that have come out this year. So yes, disregard many of the negative reviews and go into this with a less critical mind as the film does more right than it does wrong. Definitely a must watch in these dark times!

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