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Filmography Steven Seagal

Listed here are the titles Steven Seagal is involved in as an actor, martial arts instructor, stunt coordinator and producer). But if you don't see him being mentioned as a producer or whatever you can assume it really wasn't worth the effort. I mean even putting this list together took me some fancy cutting and pasting in excel and word. Not going to lie I like many of his early films. But does that mean I like him? The more I learn about him the more I am disgusted. He is a very good example of when having a big ego is a very bad thing. 

Normally I also refrain from commentary like this as his work should speak for itself. In this case though it also serves as an excuse why you won't see me reviewing many of his films he made after a certain time period. Why even bother? They are all crap. Do you really need to know how crappy?

1983 Never Say Never Again (Martial Arts instructor)
1994 On Deadly Ground
1997 Fire Down Below
1998 My Giant
1998 The Patriot
1998 Not Even The Trees
2000 Prince of Central Park
2001 The Path Beyond Thought
2001 Ticker
2002 Half Past Dead
2003 The Foreigner
2003 Out for a Kill
2003 Belly of the Beast
2004 Out of Reach
2004 Clementine
2005 Submerged
2005 Today You Die
2005 Black Dawn
2006 Mercenary for Justice
2006 Shadow Man
2006 Attack Force
2007 Flight of Fury
2007 Urban Justice
2008 Pistol Whipped
2008 The Onion Movie
2008 Kill Switch
2009 Against the Dark
2009 Driven to Kill
2009 The Keeper
2009 A Dangerous Man
2010 Machete
2010 Sheep Impact
2010 Born to Raise Hell
2012 Maximum Conviction
2013 Force of Execution (actor / Stunt coordinator)
2014 A Good Man
2014 Gutshot Straight
2015 Absolution
2016 Code of Honor
2016 Sniper: Special Ops
2016 The Asian Connection
2016 End of a Gun
2016 Contract to Kill
2016 The Perfect Weapon
2017 Cartels
2017 China Salesman
2018 Attrition
2019 General Commander
2019 Beyond the Law

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