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Review Into the Sun (1991) and The Glimmer Man (1996)

I will share my thoughts on two films from the Nineties that are unrelated to each other. I know that Steven Seagal is featured in a film called Into the Sun as well, but that one was produced in 2005 and is a film I already reviewed and is one that should be avoided since it's bad, real bad.

Once upon a time Top Gun was a phenomenon and almost every filmmaker wanted to jump on the bandwagon. Understandable of course since it was a gigantic blockbuster hit. 

But Into the Sun has bigger ambitions. In, what I assume is an attempt to differentiate itself from Top Gun, it also copies The Hard Way. Another blockbuster hit where an actor wants to ride along a hardboiled cop so that he can learn what it's like to be a real cop. But wait it doesn't end here. Into the Sun also uses stock footage from Iron Eagle. And maybe this does sound like a bit much but honestly director Fritz Kiersch has managed to make a compelling and entertaining film. I mean it's not something you should be taking seriously. Since for the most part there is a comedic tone infused in events. It doesn't always match well with the second part of the film but even then the film is quite light. Anthony Michael Hall plays the actor who gets to rile up Michael Paré as the veteran pilot. Paré is an interesting choice since I can't recall him actually having comedic timing. He truly often comes across as a super straight guy who would rarely break the rules. In that regard he fits this role nicely. However there are some scenes where it was required to bite back a bit and those moments fall flat. It's almost admirable how his character remains so calm when dealing with actor Tom Slade. Anthony Michael Hall is truly your stereotype diva who is lazy and obnoxious. Yet you don't totally hate him since there is a charm to him. Don't get me wrong. Hall can be a real fine actor. But he certainly is no Michael J. Fox. At least he was able to give his characters more layers. 

When even Capt. Paul Watkins (Michael Paré) loses his cool he takes Tom Slade on an unauthorized flight to teach him a lesson. But by doing so they both get into deep trouble because of antagonizing Middle Easterners. You probably can guess what happens. It's here where the action really kicks in. The aerial combat is pretty satisfying. Especially in the finale. But it's never super thrilling or exciting. In that regard I think this film should and could have used more action scenes. 

That being said, I had fun from start to finish. Sometimes that's all I want.

The Glimmer Man doesn't refer to the serial killer in the film but is a reference to Steven Seagal who is so silent and deadly that he can waltz in and out without people even realizing he is there. Don't let the fact that almost every action scene in this film is pretty loud and noticeable get in the way of that notion though. Just saying!

While The Glimmer Man is far from Steven's best it's not that bad either. It's very passable as a buddy cop flick where Seagal very successfully manages to land some effective one liners. And when I say effective. I mean they are so bad that they made me laugh. No, seriously, Steven Seagal is actually funny in this. I don't know why or how but it's true. Perhaps Keenen Ivory Wayans had something to do with that. Or it could be that for once Seagal had some fun making this film. I highly doubt it. But it's better not to dwell on it too much. For the most part the action is fun to watch. Exactly what you would expect. Back when I was about to watch this for the first time I did have hope for the serial killer angle to give us some tension and thrills. I do wonder why they didn't. Since that could have made the film a little more interesting. Then again with Steven Seagal in the lead this wouldn't be possible. He simply doesn't have the acting chops to pull that off. Then why even go there? Obviously because of Se7en. But why not venture into that territory a little deeper instead of what they came up with now. Don't worry I won't spoil. Not that there is much to spoil. It is incredibly silly. Although to be honest, it could have worked with much better writing and a better lead. I think Wayans on his own would have been able to play around with it. Seagal definitely not.

In the end The Glimmer Man is your average good versus bad guys plot where Seagal gets to crack a lot of bones back when he was still somewhat likeable in his films.

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